The Real Housewives of Vancouver MY THOUGHTS

The Real Housewives of Vancouver

I am astonished by the level of bad people. Are they really this way ore are the paid to act so horribly?
I’m currently watching season 1 episode 6.

She seams to enjoy for the fact that Jody is bullying Mary. She is like a direct character from Dr.Phil’s book Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World
Amazingly bad person.

I really thought that she knew better than just sit and watch Jody’s bullying and circling the whole time.

I think she is the only one that is sensitive, but she is very naive.

Oh my. What a discusting person. truly. And her daughter, she laught on every take when she was interviewed. They are the definition of a bullies. Amazing. Discusting behavior.

I don’t like her. There is a really dark side to her. Something seriously wrong there.

Only one I really enjoyed on the show was Kevin Chase:
Kevin Chase
He is so funny and such a sweetheart. Although i wouldn’t trust him as far as i could throw him, still I would love to hang out with him.


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