My thoughts on The real housewives of New York City season 5

Oh my!
So I’m currently watching reunion part 1.

I can’t believe that Ramona is growing on me.
Aviva is the worst of them all! Such hate in her eyes when she was yelling to the girls in that trip they were in. I saw that same look on my little sister when she was yelling to me when she were like 11.

And LuAnn! I would have never believed that she would cheat on Jacques! I felt so badly for him when she brought him to that cooking thin after the trip.

That princes one pissed me off. I think I jealous to her or something but she is so tiny and her upper lip is full of filler or what it is that they use for that. So is Sonja’s lip too. I like Sonja, but I’m worried about her. She could get everything from her ex!

This season was still the best one yet, I couldn’t believe the things I saw! I was in the edge of my seat! Wow!
I don’t wish any drama on my own life, but it’s great to watch! Still I’m a bit jealous to some things that what they have.


My thought on The Real housewives of New York City season 2


OK, I am currently watching the reunion part 1 from season 2 of The Real housewives of New York City. 

I don’t know why it was so hard for me to start watching them cause I love Real housewives of Atlanta and New Jersey. No I really tryed my best to start to REALLY check them out.


I love Jill. She is so strong and a giving person (as far as we can see). Also Bethenny is so real and is so quick, if someone would attack her verbally, Jill is the same way. (Se really handled the radio interview super well.) I admire those qualities in people. 

I can’t stand Alex, Luann and Kelly. They are totally fake. (that is my perception of them)

I have neutral feelings about Ramona. She seems to be a mean girl/cheerleader. Something about her is still endearing. I couldn’t be friends with her.